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12 Days of Meditation - Day 8: “I Could But I Won’t?”

January 8, 2024, 12:00 AM

Day 8

“I Could But I Won’t?”

Read John 8:11

By Pastor ATP, Esq.


Condemnation goes further than pointing out sin, it goes into the punishment stage. We can go into the punishment stage through conversation and/or through social media interactions regarding the situation of others. I am constantly surprised about how freely people engage in conversations regarding what they believe others have done. The knowledge that others may or may not have fallen into sin is not to be used as a license for ridicule, it is to be used as a warning for us to kneel at the cross.


Jesus is the master teacher and trainer. Jesus as mentioned in yesterday’s meditation, is worthy to sit in the seat of judgment. Jesus is without sin and could have thrown stones and caused the death of this woman. However, Jesus did not.


Jesus valued the opportunity for rehabilitation over death. Jesus favored salvation over death. Judgement and death were in His hands along with salvation. Jesus care more about this woman’s salvation than what the Jewish leaders thought about Him. Jesus cared more about the person than laws, traditions, or systems. Jesus ended this humiliating fiasco with grace.


Today is the day that we must think about how much we value the salvation of others. Arrogancy causes people to exert their power and control just because they can. Humility causes people to recognize they are only in positions of authority because of grace and, consequently, they exert power wisely and for the good of others.


As we read this passage, we must be reminded that it is always important to place the value of the soul of others above gossip, ridicule, and other forms of punishment. The fact that the others have been caught in some act should not be viewed as opportunity for judgment but a moment to offer grace.


This must be our prayer: “Lord, teach how to value people and the opportunity to impart grace.”