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12 Days of Meditation - Day 12: It's For My Good

January 12, 2024, 12:00 AM

DAY 12

“It’s For My Good”

Read: John 8:4

Pastor ATP, Esq.


How we approach life often depends on our perspective of the events that occur in our lives. We must learn to see the positive in every situation. Things are never as bad as they appear. In everything we go through, if we look hard enough, we can find sufficient reasons to give God praise.


This narrative describes a humiliating scene. The passage suggests that this woman was forcibly dragged from a sexual act to a public venue where Jesus could be found. The intentions were evil, but at the hands of Jesus things worked out for her good. Her humiliating circumstance met the grace and mercy of Jesus.


Weakness is not making mistakes or even being caught in the very act, weakness is not learning from our mistakes and allowing our dark moments to work out for our good. We become strong when our sins are acknowledged, and we seek to be forgiven and to live a new life. Strength is when we are ready to acknowledge our sins before the Lord so we can be given the power to overcome our weaknesses. Until we are ready to the light shined upon our sins, we are not in position to receive the necessary power for deliverance.


It was not until she was identified as adulterer that we found out that there was a way to escape death for this sin. Today is the day we must list our issues in our journal. We should not need to be dragged from our bed of destruction and placed in the public eye. We can simply allow the Holy Spirit to move us to conviction until we say before the Lord in the privacy of our quarters what we have done to transgress against His will. God already knows but telling Him let’s God know we are ready to move from shame to abundant life. Confession for our good. Acknowledgment allows us to experience the Fresh Start God has for us.


What areas in our lives need the most improvement? Let’s write them down today and lay them before the Lord. It may feel humiliating to admit all our shortcomings. After all, everyone would like to be perfect. But the main purpose is not humiliation it is taking the first step toward getting a Fresh Start.


So let this be our prayer: “Lord, help me to surrender my pride to You so that I begin to overcome my weaknesses. Help me to recognize that acknowledgment of my sins is for my good. I will take advantage of my Fresh Start.”



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