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What to Expect

What to expect when you visit our church and community?

You'll experience a welcoming community of believers who are compelled by the Holy Spirit to communicate to the world that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can speak to any situation.

During dynamic worshipyou'll experience the Love of Christ with the revelation of His Word.

Within our community your experience intentional fellowship focused on: Proactive Love, Holiness, Family Life, Praise and Worship, Giving, Timeliness, Community Service, Education, and Health and Wellness.

Though our community service outreach, you'll share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we reach the larger community by reaching the children.  God has commanded us to Save and Love the Children.

Join us Sunday's at 9:00 AM for Dynamic Worship.  If you cannot attend or missed Worship, you can watch here on YouTube.


What we must do?

We must mobilize our discipleship ministries.
As we grow in Christ (mature) we develop a sense of who we are in the kingdom.
The hope is that congregants will give back to Christ who they are (talents, skills) to work within the kingdom. Find your place.