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12 Days of Meditation - Day 4: “I Have Been Warned"

January 4, 2024, 12:00 AM


“I Have Been Warned”

Read: John 5:14

By Pastor ATP, Esq.


Jesus finds the man who he has miraculously healed and tells him that now that he has been made whole, he must refrain from sinning or something worse could happen to him. You would think that this man would not want to experience anything worse than being lame for 38 years. But think about it, how many of us have continued engaging in behaviors that have caused issues with our health, finances, or relationships, despite receiving numerous warnings that were given to spare us from experiencing negative consequences.


It reminds me of this scripture: “As has just been said: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” Hebrews 3”15 (NIV) The hardening of the heart is an intentional decision to ignore what will help us until we get to the point that we no longer feel convicted. That is a sad spiritual state.


Just as a driver cannot continue to ignore the engine warning sign on his or her car, we cannot continue to ignore the warning signs of disaster in any every of our lives. Ignoring does not make an issue go away. It simply saves the issue for the next day. But some issues do not remain stagnant, they simply just get worse over time.


This is the day that we must commit to doing more than just acknowledging our issues, we must acknowledge our inability to refrain from destructive behavior. God has people ready to be “people for our lives,” if we are willing to accept help and are ready to change. There are credit counselors, fitness and wellness instructors, counselors who deal with all addictions, as well as relationship and career coaches who are ready to help us. However, we cannot be led where we do not want to go. We must want to excel in life.


There is no need to ignore warning signs. It is time for us to heed the warnings we receive and remain whole. Jesus is coming to our rescue to help us recover, the question is, will we fall back into our familiar pattern of destruction? Things will only get worse.


Let this be our prayer: “Lord, I acknowledge my weaknesses and that you are the only one who can deliver me. I also acknowledge that I need help to remain made whole. I accept the help from whoever You send for my life. I will take advantage of my Fresh Start.”