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12 Days of Meditation - Day 11: Give God Your YES

January 11, 2024, 12:00 AM

DAY 11

A Fresh Start

“Give God Your YES”

Read John 5:6, 8, & 14

By Jeanniece Jackson, MBA, BSBA (YFH Alumna)


I love how in this passage of scripture Jesus asks the sick man, “Will you be made whole?” We know Jesus is not just asking whether this man wanted physical healing, but Jesus was also asking if the man further desired spiritual renewal as well. We can be certain of this, because Jesus not only heals the man to rise, take up his bed, and walk (physical healing), but Jesus also empowers him to sin no more (spiritual renewal).


Today, like that man in the Bible, God is challenging each of us to a fresh start, to make us whole so that we, too, can walk in our God-ordained life purpose. But why obey God for accomplishing our life goals? Simply put, no human or experience on this earth is equipped to provide you with the type of fulfillment that God wants to give you if you simply surrender your YES to Him.


So, what is your YES? Think about it this way:


Y: ielding

E: ach

S: tep to God


Oftentimes, the biggest battles we fight are often an unconscious struggle in our minds with warfare from the enemy. For better context, it took me a while to realize that even though the Holy Spirit does keep us from falling prey to sin, sometimes God will still allow the enemy to tempt us to do things without the leading of God, just so we can show the enemy who our real Boss is (God).


Not quite sure what I mean? Picture this. Think about something you are passionate about and quite good at. Do you have it in mind? Good. Now, take a minute to reflect on this Biblical truth: God is always speaking and showing us what to do with our talents, skills, and abilities, because they come directly from God. Better yet, God wants to help us further refine our crafts and use them for our good and for His glory (read Psalm 37:23-24 KJV).


As a result, it is imperative that we follow God’s will, by Y.ielding E.ach S.tep to God. You can’t be more in love with the process of going after your life goals than with the God of the very work you have been commissioned to do. What do I mean by this?


Sometimes, God will have you start towards the destination He promised you, but change the route mid-passage, because He either wants to make you trust Him more when the enemy is throwing obstacles your way, or perhaps to give you a better pace of speed, or both. And just like Jesus simply healed the sick man in John chapter 5 without telling him to go the usual route of dipping into the Pool of Bethesda, we, too, must learn to pivot when God tells us it’s time for a fresh start and to change up our habits and expectations so we, too, can walk in our complete healing and purpose in Christ.


But WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Warfare comes when the enemy tries to either make us give up on our life purpose altogether, or when that doesn’t work, tries to convince us that we must lie, cheat, scheme, or become a workaholic to achieve our dreams (read John 10:10 KJV).


However, what the enemy doesn’t realize (he’s such a loser) is that because God has already spoken a great destiny over our lives, whenever our true intention is to honor God with every fiber of our being, no matter how many times we get it wrong out of innocence or ignorance, God will always help us get right back on track. But to activate that level of grace and mercy, we first need to be constantly seeking God with our whole hearts for guidance in every area of our lives.


Did you know that you can only hear everything that God has to say to you for your life when you are consistently making the conscious effort to always sanctify your atmosphere with the things of God?


Just think. What media are you watching? What music are you listening to? What friends are you spending time together with? What places and institutions are you supporting? If God isn’t giving you His approval, you are literally wasting precious time, and missing out on the fullness of blessings God has for you once you simply give Him your YES.


As you continue reading through these 12 Days of Meditation, I urge you to hear the voice of God as He instructs us to give Him our YES for a Fresh Start, so that we ALL can expect more in 2024!


What does that mean?


Get ready for more power over the enemy so you can always walk in victory. Prepare for more anointing to accomplish your dreams. Look forward to more resources to enjoy each season. And don’t block more peace, joy, clarity of mind, and contentment from God as He takes you to higher heights and deeper levels of His blessings for your life.


Let this be our prayer and daily declaration: “Lord, YOU have my YES! I yield every step to You today. If there is anything that I am doing that is not like you, please remove it, and show me how to be better. In every moment, I will be completely dependent on You in every way, so that as a child of the King, I will inherit the unlimited wealth and wholeness You have for my life. Amen!”


If you pray that prayer daily throughout the day, and follow God’s instructions, get ready to experience the true glory of God. It’s time for more in 2024; a fresh start that simply begins with giving God your YES!